December 16, 2009

Sew Cute: Felt Food!

Since my youngest doesn't read this blog I think it'll be okay to show you what I've been making him for Christmas. Shhh! Don't tell him about it!

Several weeks ago the boys and I went to the library while my hubby went to a political meet and greet. My little guy played almost the whole time with some little dishes and play food. We haven't had play dishes since my daughter was little! We have had plastic play food before, but it has slowly gotten smashed or turned into outside toys, so when I saw some felt food on a blog not too long ago I knew I had found a new project!

That little felt food was just so cute! So I looked around and found a free pattern for a sandwich. I didn't have much luck finding free patterns for any of the other foods but there were plenty of pictures and it's not rocket science so I winged it!

Everything came out even cuter than I expected. I just used the cheap felt you find in the craft section of any craft store. I used the sewing machine for most of the stitching but enjoyed a little hand stitching on some of the pieces too! I already had the embroidery floss and the felt costs a mere 20 cents so basically this cost me next to nothing... except for my time, of course, which is almost more precious than money these days. Almost.

So, are you hungry? How about a bologna and cheese sandwich on white?

Or would you rather have peanut butter and jelly?

Need something a bit more sweet? How about some milk and cookies? Or donuts?
No. You like more healthy food. Okay, how about some fruit?

Skipped breakfast? Here's a hearty breakfast for you...

Need a protein boost...

This food is all that and a bag of chips...

Here's a shot of everything:

I didn't get a picture of the swiss cheese or the sesame seed hamburger bun which were still being worked on when I took these photos. Too late to take a picture now though, I already packaged up the whole set and wrapped it.

We got him a little set of plates and pots to serve up his food. To top it all off I'm making a little fabric stove top similar to the one shown here so he can "cook" something if he feels like but we don't have to worry about a real play kitchen. I hope my little guy enjoys it and if he doesn't... well, I'll play with it myself!

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