February 18, 2010

A Tale of Two Hotels

While on a trip recently we stayed in two hotel rooms (the rest of the time we stayed with family). One hotel room on the way down and one on the way home. Both fulfilled our three requirements: an indoor pool, wireless internet, and a continental breakfast. At both hotels we got two standard rooms with two double beds. Neither was fancy and both had the usual (no one will ever steal this) hotel decor. They cost roughly the same (actually the nicer one was cheaper), but there was a big difference.

It's hard to explain the difference since both seem so similar "on paper". I would highly recommend one and definitely not the other. One was just "warmer" and more welcoming. You could just tell the owners of one hotel took pride in their property. It was well kept and clean. They took the time to replace, repair, and update as needed over the years. The owners seemed to understand things wear out, especially with daily use, and they kept up with the wear and tear.

The other hotel wasn't really "dirty" but it wasn't clean either. Things were more worn or just plain broken. They obviously were trying to get a few more years of use out of several items that had seen better days. The pool area was the worst; the ceiling was in terrible shape and we joked it might fall down at any moment.

I was talking to my grandma about this when we got back. Her house is over 60 years old and in excellent condition. I know repairs and updates cost money, but that isn't all of it. As Grandma says just taking good care of things goes a long way. [She also says it doesn't cost a lot to keep things clean. See? My disease is genetic. :) ]

It just struck me that two hotels, so very similar, gave off such different vibes. I wonder what motivates some people to take better care of their property than others. Is it just being cheap? Laziness? Lack of pride?

I'm sure there is some lesson to be learned in this, although I'm not exactly sure what it is. I do know that well cared for homes are worth more financially speaking, but it's more than that. Our homes are supposed to be our getaways from a crazy, busy world. If the place you call home is slowly deteriorating around you, and you don't care, that's saying something. Are you taking care of the home you're so blessed to have?

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