July 10, 2009

Graduation Gift Idea: Just In Case

With my oldest graduating this year I knew we'd have several graduation parties to attend this summer. I decided to get a little creative and put together a little something myself to give as a gift. Our family is big on having extra supplies on hand. That goes for everything from ketchup to kleenex, spices to soap. It saves time and money have a little emergency backup and what better gift than to share that with someone! :)

So I bought a couple of plastic shoeboxes and filled them with all sorts of stuff a freshman, living away from home for the first time, might need in a pinch. Now these are not regular supplies, these items are for emergency backup, to help explain I wrote this little poem to stick in the box:

I'm sure your parents will supply you well,
But emergencies come, you never can tell,
This little kit will help you be prepared,
For you alone or it can be shared.

Just open this box and you'll find,
Helpful items of various kind.
Check here first for what you need or
Share the enclosed as a good deed.

You'll have most of this already, no doubt,
This box is "just in case" you run out,
Or some needed object should drop,
Or you've none left with no time to shop.

For it's good to have a backup in place,
It can keep a smile on your face,
To know you're ready for what comes your way,
Keep a little inconvenience from ruining your day.

So as you pack late this summer,
Don't forget (that'd be a bummer),
To take this here little box,
And put it in with your socks.

And when you use the items within,
Keep on your face a happy grin,
Not a frown, and
Remember (your name here).

If you would like to see what was included in each box, click the photo below to enlarge. You'll be amazed at what I fit in there! It was a tight squeeze but I managed to squeeze it all in.
My daughter gave her approval and said she hope the gifts are used appropriately. :) Me too!

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