July 28, 2009

A Tip to Stay Cool

I got this tip from the guy that installed our AC at the old house. It won't work for you if you don't have a basement.

It is much cooler inside our house than outside today even though the AC is not running. This morning before it got warm, I closed all the windows. I also closed all the blinds where the sun was directly shining in. Then I went to the thermostat and turned the fan to the on position but left the AC off. This circulates all the air in the house including the cooler air in the basement through the whole house.

This trick won't last all summer but it works when the days are hot and the nights are cool. As the sun moves over the house shut the blinds/shades as needed or if you won't be home just leave them all shut. The trick is to keep the heat/sun out as much as you can and bring that cool air in the basement up. This works well even in a two story house.

Even when you run the AC, if you have certain rooms of your house that warmer than others keeping that fan running will even out the temperature. It worked great for us in our old house and it seems to be working well in this house as well.

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