October 15, 2009

My (Already Invented) Invention

A few weeks ago I got fed up with our bathroom situation. The boys bathroom starts to stink about 5 minutes after I cleaned it. I am telling you those boys cannot hit the toilet bowl! I tried put a towel around the toilet and then changing it each day but the problem wasn't really on the floor.

[Quick side note, my mother-in-law has a sign in her bathroom that says something like...
My aim is to keep this bathroom clean, Your aim will help.
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Guess it's the plague that affects all mothers of boys!]

We have TWICE taken the toilet apart to clean it. I am not kidding...we removed the tank, unbolted it from the floor, and then put it back after cleaning both toilet and floor with bleach. A day or two later it started to stink again. It was driving me crazy! Even the room freshening plug in things I've gotten for free weren't helping.

I decided I wanted to convert our toilet to a urinal. Somehow. Some way. I really was going to do it. A home urinal. I'm telling you I thought I had a million dollar idea on my hands until I googled "toilet to urinal conversion". Some one else obviously had boys with an aiming problem. So for about $20 I ordered the Potty Shield. The day it arrived we took the toilet apart one last time, gave it a good cleaning, put it back and hoped for the best.

It has been AWESOME!! Help delivered in a box from UPS! Daily frustration gone! The problem area remained clean for DAYS! All the boys got instructions on removing it and replacing it. (Included with the thing is a little mat that sits on the floor to rest it on just for that purpose). Once one of the boys didn't put it back on and then went without it. After I saw the mess it made he got in BIG trouble and let's just say I'm pretty sure he won't forget again.

No, I am not a paid spokesperson. Although I would be if they'd hire me! The amazing thing about this (besides a clean toilet!) is that I was even able to find this product. Google to the rescue again!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! I have 6 boys and also have been wondering why
I don't just get a urinal. YEAH!

Ellen said...

Thank you so much for this! I found it through a comment you made at Life As Mom. I am having my third boy, and when we start having problems, which I anticipate in a few years, I'm sure this will help! =)