October 24, 2009

Seasonal Cleaning: Master Bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing place. A room you go to at the end of the day to rest. Don't let your "sanctuary" become a storage room. Part of the master bedroom cleaning is really decluttering and organizing.

There really is a difference. My house may not be perfectly clean all the time, but it is not cluttered. You may have a clean house, but if it is cluttered and unorganized that is all people will see. The goal, of course, is a clean and organized house, but if you have to choose one or the other... you'll get more bang for your buck out of an organized, clutter free home! Plus, it's easier to keep a organized house clean.

We all have a lot of stuff. No excuses (small house, lots of kids, no basement, etc.) Trust me, I know all about living in a smaller house and houses with no basements and lots of kids. Even if you have a small house or lack the blessed storage space of a basement or have 10 kids you still don't have to have a cluttered bedroom!

Fall Cleaning: Master Bedroom

Prep work: remove all dirty laundry and trash.

1. Take down all window treatments and wash them (if possible). At least shake them out if you can't launder them or take them to the cleaners.

2. Remove all bedding and wash. All of it... even the dust ruffle.

3. Wipe down ceiling fan, if you have one. Remove all the (removable) parts of the light fixture(s). Wash glass shades in hot soapy water and dry. Wipe down the remaining parts of the fixture that cannot be removed. Do the same to any closet light fixture.

4. Dust the ceiling first, then dust the walls. Use a rag or an extending duster. A regular (dry) Swiffer also works nicely. The area around the light switch (and any other dirty areas---like along the bed) should be washed with hot soapy water.

5. Wash door (front and back), door knob, and frame. Don't forget the top of the door and the door frame.

6. Dust or wash blinds.

7. Wash window inside and out. Don't forget the sill and frame. Brush window screen with a dry, stiff brush.

8. Move each piece of furniture and vacuum under it using the vac tool to get along the wall. Dust any parts of the walls (including the baseboard) you may have missed before you moved the furniture. Dust the furniture (top, front, back, and sides) before returning it to it's place. Clean any decorative items and lamps on dresser tops or nightstands. [You can move all the furniture at once or do it one piece at a time.]

9. Dust any remaining items hanging on the wall. Wipe down frames, clean glass with glass cleaner. Remove any items from wall shelves, dust the items, and the shelf.

10. Clean any mirrors in the room with glass cleaner.

11. Wipe any heating/cooling vents. Wipe light switch plate.

12. Go around room and wipe baseboards with a damp rag.

13. Vacuum floor/rug. Use vac tool to get along the edge of the wall.

If you need to declutter: Don't put back any items you don't use or belong! Keep only a few items on top of dressers and side tables. This makes it much easy to clean on a regular basis. Group small items together in baskets so you can pick them all up at once when it's time to dust.

15. If you REALLY need to declutter: Empty each drawer and return only items you love and really use. Donate and toss appropriately. In these economic times especially, someone could be using the stuff that is cluttering up your space! Your drawers should not be so full that you cannot close them. Speaking of that... close them! Open drawers make rooms look messier. Close your closet door(s) too.

16. Closet time. Save the closet for last. Do it a different day if the above took too long or your worn out. Most importantly, don't get sidetracked. Stay focused. It's just a closet!

  • If you are really motivated--take everything out of your closet. Wipe down shelves, dust the ceiling and walls. [If you have moved in the last few years you probably don't have to do this, but if you have lived in you house more than 5 years and haven't done this since you moved in, it might not be a bad idea.] Have 3 boxes ready as you go through your closet: trash, give-away, and storage. Only keep the items you love and wear regularly. You know the old rule (aka Rule #1)... if you haven't worn it in a year get rid of it. Rule #2: Don't spend a lot of time trying on clothes... if you don't know if it fits or not then you probably haven't worn it in awhile which means you should refer to rule #1. As you return items to your closet group like items together. Organize your shoes.
  • If you aren't as motivated--at least get everything off the floor and vacuum. dust the closet corners, and look through your clothes to donate any unwanted items.
17. If you have a desk in your room or a craft table--clean off flat surfaces, organize your area, make sure everything has a place to go. Use containers to help keep things tidy. If you have space elsewhere, seriously consider moving your stuff to another part of the house.

18. Nothing should be stored loose on the floor (books, videos, clothes, etc.). Find a home for these items-use baskets, shelves, drawers, plastic storage containers, or even cardboard boxes.

19. You should have already vacuumed under your bed when you were moving furniture, but just in case you forgot... do it now. If you store stuff under your bed make sure it's stuff you really need and you have a way to get to it if you need it.

20. Flip or spin your mattress, if applicable. There is an old saying about mattresses: "Flip in the fall and spin in the spring." This really helps your mattress wear more evenly. Remake your bed.
Want to keep it looking this great? Here's how in about 5 minutes per day:
  • Make the bed. EVERY day.
  • Put dirty clothes in the hamper, never leave them on the floor. Ever.
  • Put trash in the trash can.
  • Keep clean clothes hung or folded and put away. If you change your mind about wearing something put it back.
  • Put stuff away. If it doesn't have a home... make one!
  • Train your children in the above!
  • Keep a small basket or container for miscellaneous items--but deal with it on a regular basis.
  • Dust and vacuum once a week.

I made another printable checklist for you, it can be found here.

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