August 1, 2009

Diaper Cake and Diaper Wreath

I saw a diaper cake mentioned on a blog or website somewhere and thought I can make that! There are several tutorials online (just search diaper cakes). Some roll each individual diaper but this one fans the diapers. Not only does it look nicer but it is faster to assemble.

These make a great gift for second or third time mom's who already have plenty of baby stuff. I had also seen a bouquet of sock roses and thought I would combine the two and use the roses on the cake. But then I decided that my sister needed baby washcloths more than socks so I used those to make the roses instead! I made this cake with size 2 diapers on the bottom, size 1 in the middle and newborn size on the top (127 diapers in all!). I used Pampers...they have a sweet baby smell, at least before they are put into use! There is a bottle of baby wash in the center to hold the upper levels in place. It wasn't hard to make and I think it is one of my favorite craft projects ever!
The Diaper Cake with washcloth roses

My sister with her diaper wreath

This is the diaper wreath I made for my sister's baby shower. These are both gifts that could double as decorations!

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