November 17, 2009

Best Internet Finds

Just for fun I thought I'd share some of my favorite internet finds of 2009. Who knows, you mind find something you enjoy on this list as well...

The Pioneer Woman website is one of my best finds! Ree is hilarious, takes beautiful pictures, and shares awesome recipes.

Conversion Diary
- the blog of a lifelong atheist turned Catholic. Very interesting. Be sure and check out her conversion story in the side bar as well as her most popular posts.

Amy's Humble Musings - the blog of a mom of many who tells it like it is. She has a little something for everyone. Her ever-changing "Also Worth Visiting" links in the sidebar are great.

Little House in the Suburbs - a shared blog. These gals live the "homestead" lifestyle right where they the middle of the suburbs. A little more self-reliance is a good thing!

Everyday Food Storage - a great food blog, full of recipes made with items everyone should have in their pantry. If you have wheat kernels and a blender you should try her blender pancakes! They're delicious and a good way to get whole wheat into the kiddos!

JANE4girls $800 Annual Budget - a coupon/money saving blog. This gal had a grocery/household budget of $800 for 2009 (the WHOLE year!) and still has some money left! Makes me wish I lived in the land of double coupons! I hope she does it again this year!

Google Reader - Okay, I know what you're do I have time to check all these blogs? I can check them all and MANY more in just a few minutes by using a reader. When you use a reader you can check all your favorite blogs at once from the same page. Google Reader is free and easy to use. If you read blogs and aren't already using a reader...put getting one on the top of your "to do" list.

Sitemeter - if you have a blog and want to keep track of your statistics, Sitemeter is a must have!

ScrapBlog - a free, online digital scrapbooking site...yet, so much more! You can make headers or blog elements. If you want a more "personalized" blog start here. It's addicting!

Delicious - an online bookmarking site that helps you keep all your internet finds organized. If you find a recipe, tip, article, or craft online you just add it and tag it so you can find it again easily. If you use Firefox (and you should be!) you can get Delicious built right in so it's super easy to use.

Paper Back Swap - get free books. I wish I would have joined PBS sooner! If you read and/or have books sitting around...PBS is for you! If you would like to join email me and I'll refer you and get a book credit!

My Points - earn gift cards for clicking emails (and shopping). I've made probably about $100 in gift cards this year clicking on My Points emails. I like to get CVS or Walgreens gift cards. With those gift cards (and a couple from prescription transfers) I haven't paid ANYTHING out of pocket at CVS since February 2008...and I've gotten a LOT of stuff. If you're interested in joining let me know and I'll refer you and earn a few extra points!

Pandora - internet radio. Listen to the music YOU like. Put in an artist or song and a "station" will be created for you. I really enjoyed this during the holidays last year; Christmas music with NO commercials.

Library Elf - If you check out books from the library, and your library doesn't offer a reminder, this a must have! Just register your library card number and Elf will let you know when your books are due. It's saved me many $$ in fines this year!

AllRecipes - online recipe book. Find recipes by recipe or ingredients. If you only have tuna and broccoli in the house (I hope that's not the case!) and are wondering what to make...put "tuna" and "broccoli" in the ingredient search and you'll get several recipe suggestions.

Seeing this list makes me wonder what's out there that I haven't discovered yet...

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