November 9, 2009

My Little Black Box

Here is another organizing tip! Everyone loves those! I visit a lot of websites. Often sites ask you to register so you can get special member only features or freebies or coupons. I used to frustrate myself by registering but then forgetting which email address I used to sign up, my user name, or password when I went back later.

To keep track I write down the info on a 4x6 index card. I file them alphabetically (by site) in an index card box. Now when I go back to a site and need to know my user name or password I just look it up quick instead of having to request the information by email. I also jot down any other info that might be helpful for that particular site (birthdays I used, security questions & answers, etc.).

My Black Box
with cheesy, fake example card

Another tip is to have the same password for all these sites. Now I am not talking about your online banking accounts here! I am talking about sites like or sites that don't include important personal information. Pick one password and stick with it...that way you'll always know your password.

Sometimes your user name is your email address so if you plan on signing up at several sites create an email address just for that purpose. Having a junk email address keeps your regular inbox from being filled up with a bunch of special offers and ads.

I think I have mentioned this already to but just in case, I also don't use my real birthday when filling out those forms. I doubt anyone would steal MY identity but you never know maybe someone out there really wants six kids! I just add one to the month and date and leave the year the same. It is to the point now that I am starting to think my birthday really is June 26th!

My whole family uses this box for passwords and website information. We keep it in the cupboard right next to the computer so it is easily accessible.

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Nicole said...

I need to do one of these! I used to write it all down on an index card but it's all messed up now due to changing passwords and other things. I'll have to pick up a box like this and work on this too. I am currently working on a household organizer. It's coming together good!