August 3, 2009

How the Garden Grows: Early August

The garden is starting to really produce now! We have harvested all the radishes. The red did okay but the white were really fibrous and some of them bolted before they even made a good size radish.

Not sure what went wrong there. The lettuce is done too. We had to give a bunch away because it was ready all at once and was way more than we could eat. Next year we'll have to stagger the planting a bit to avoid that.

The peas are just about done now too. I don't remember what type of pea we got. I thought we got the kind that you could steam and eat in the pod. But we didn't. That didn't work. So I've been taking the peas out of the pod and cooking them. They are delicious, but a lot of work.
The banana peppers were the first ready of all our pepper plants. They are quite spicy. Too bad the tomatoes are still green or I could be making salsa. I'll freeze the early peppers and save them for later. Looks like the jalapenos will be ready with the tomatoes so that will work out perfect. The onions are doing great too. I have just been leaving them in the ground and grabbing them out when ever I need them.

We had coleslaw this past weekend with one of head of fresh cabbage. I am going to try another recipe tonight with another head. We also ate one of our kohlrabi plants. We need to plant more of those next year. They are so good! Three plants definitely wasn't enough.

The green beans are getting there. But we haven't harvested any yet. The broccoli finally has florets on it. The plant is HUGE and the florets small and they took forever to pop through. The cucumbers are looking good too. I planted them from seed and they seemed slow to grow at first. They are really going to town now though. We should have lots of cucumbers. I'm glad I planted them on the edge of the garden where they can grow over the wall and not take over.

I'm pretty pleased with our progress so far. If nothing else we are learning plenty so next years garden will be even better!

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