August 5, 2009

Washcloth Lollies

When I was searching for diaper cake instructions I came across this cute baby gift idea. I made up a few to give to a friend who had a baby several months ago. I was remiss in getting her gift to her "on time" so I thought my burp cloths were probably a bit past their useful time. I wasn't sure on size for an outfit. Basically, I wasn't sure what to I thought these with some baby wash and lotion would be a cute gift. All babies take a matter their age!! Right?!

These are so easy to make! Even if you aren't crafty you can make these! Just roll the washcloth and then make into a spiral and pin. Attach a stick. [I just taped it since I wanted the washcloth to be able to be used. I figured gluing it would ruin the washcloth.] Wrap with some plastic wrap and a ribbon. I made up and added a little tag. You can also skip the stick and wrap them more like a mint with ribbon on both sides. That would be really cute with the striped washcloth!

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